Q. What is Pledge for the Wild?

A. Pledge for the Wild is a collection of mountain towns and outdoor communities joining together to help visitors find ways to give back to the wild places they love. Whether someone’s traveling through an area or recreating daily at a local adventure spot, we’re connecting these outdoor enthusiasts with the conservation groups and nonprofits tasked with caring for these wild areas. By empowering guests to help protect special places, we’re ensuring the places stay special for generations to come.


Q. Where did the idea for Pledge for the Wild come from?

A. Outdoor recreation enthusiasts are becoming more aware of their impact on the environment, and are hungry for ways to protect and preserve the wild places they love. Recognizing this, representatives from popular destinations have combined forces to educate visitors, support land managers, and above all, preserve our wild places. By making this a collective effort, Pledge for the Wild communities hope to elevate the conversation nationally and have a long-term positive on the land, the local economy, and the world around us.

Q. Why would someone donate while traveling?

A. Planning trips and dreaming up epic vacations before you hit the road is half the fun. Pledge for the Wild asks guests to pause while enjoying that “best ever” adventure and consider who cares for those lands. Who works daily to keep those waterways clean and fish habitats healthy? Who maintains the trails in that dazzling mountain bike spot? There are hundreds of nonprofits, land managers, local organizations, and shops working endless hours to make sure our wild places are there to enjoy next month, next year, and for decades to come. Many of these organizations are underfunded, so every donation helps ensure the long-term viability of area.

Q. Are other communities welcome to join?

A. Other like-minded mountain town communities are welcome to join Pledge for the Wild! To find out what it takes to join the movement, lease fill out the form on our contact us page to get the ball rolling.


Q. What ways can you give back through Pledge for the Wild?

A. Our goal is to keep giving as simple as possible. The two ways to give back the local selected nonprofit of choice are through an online donation here, or through text-to-donate. Each nonprofit has a unique code to text the to the number 44321. The codes are: WILD4BEND for Bend, OR, WILD4BOZEMAN for Bozeman, MT, WILD4FLAG for Flagstaff, AZ, WILD4TAHOE for S. Lake Tahoe, CA-NV and WILD4STEAMBOAT for Steamboat Springs, CO. All these codes can also be found on the donation page here.


Q. What are some outdoor best practices Pledge for the Wild considers when educating guests?

A. Pledge for the Wild is passionate about following Leave No Trace ethics. Practices like respecting wildlife and properly disposing of waste will help protect the wild areas we all enjoy. We also support the local land managers working in each of the communities represented by Pledge for the Wild. They’re the ones on the ground working tirelessly to protect our wild places, and they have the knowledge to protect these resources.