Flagstaff is located in the high country mountains of northern Arizona and its four seasons are enviable by many. Summer temperatures average in the low 80s with sapphire blue skies and crisp mountain air, while winter adventures await in Arizona's officially designated Winter Wonderland with an average 108" of snowfall in downtown.
The bounty continues into fall with a panoramic canvas of quaking aspen and foliage offering hues of reds and purples, while spring offers the breathtaking beauty of blooms in the world's largest contiguous emerald green ponderosa pine forest.

Flagstaff’s special wild places include:

Coconino National Forest - Est. 1908

San Francisco Mountains Reserve - Est. 1908

Grand Canyon National Park - Est. 1919

Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument - Est. 1930

Wupatki National Monument - Est. 1966

Walnut Canyon National Monument - Est. 1915

Oak Creek Canyon

Hart Prairie Preserve - Est. 1994

To make a donation to the Flagstaff Trails Initiative, the nonprofit supporting Flagstaff’s wild places, sit tight. We’re onboarding the Flagstaff Trails Initiative and will provide a link and text-to-donate number as soon as possible.